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ongoing webcomics -- The A Team

recent link updates description status
Girl Genius * MWF gaslamp fantasy main story break as of 20220824
Mare Internum     sci-fi later completed; need to re-read
Unsounded   MWF a brat and her zombie need to re-re-read
Wilde Life * MWF Pascalle Lepas' current comic  

ongoing webcomics -- The B Team

recent link updates description status
oglaf.com * Su X-rated; don't say I didn't warn you  
Questionable Content * x5 we're surly because you suck  
Soul To Call * M horror/fantasy  
Stand Still, Stay Silent   MTuThF dystopia end of first story (to reread?);
language matrix; cast page

ongoing webcomics -- Also Starring

recent link updates description status
Black and Blue * M sci-fi/noir  
Countdown to Countdown * W sci-fi WoE
Detox Camp * MTh fantasy/mystery  
Drifted     fantasy last story update 20220108;
new entry 20220215
Hilga From Below     fantasy  
Lavendar Jack   Tu mystery end of first story
Skyvein * W fantasy  
Widdershins   TuF Victorian  

ongoing webcomics -- Bubbling Under

recent link updates description status
Awaken   MWF fantasy WOE
Finding Home     fantasy  
Godslave   MTh Egyptian fantasy  
Immaterial     don't know yet Sarah Ellerton returns!
Khepra     horror/fantasy rebooted from Tethered;
Mindfold     fantasy added 20211207
Mystery Babylon * M hyper-kinetic girl and her fool  
Overflow     fictional (?) cyber-dystopia completed 20201006
Raruurien   MTh fantasy  
The Thief's Heir   M fantasy on intermission (with typos, including 036);
last main story page
Trying Human * Tu fantasy/sci-fi  
Wonderlust   M fantasy/horror  
Wychwood   MTh fantasy  

ongoing webcomics -- New Entries

recent link updates description status
Aloe     humorous sci-fi  
Atomic Robo     sci-fi  
Banquet   Su fantasy Anne Szalba's new comic
Brainchild     fantasy/horror  
Brynberry     horror  
The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya     fantasy later completed
Cold Sweat     don't know yet  
Come Hell or High Water     fantasy  
Cosmoknights     sci-fi  
Demon For Hire   Th horror by author of The Thief's Heir
Dimitra and the Silver Mask     don't know yet  
DNA The Webcomic     sci-fi new entry 20220215
Eye For An Eye     horror  
Folklore     superhero  
Gumshoe City     detective  
Haxor   Tu sci-fi with infinite canvas  
Headless Bliss     fantasy/horror  
Intercosmic     fantasy  
Iron Crown     fantasy/adventure  
Kochab   TuF fantasy  
Monster Lands     don't know yet  
Obelisk     horror  
Of conquests and consequences     fantasy  
Owl People     fantasy  
Rephaim     fantasy new addition 20220703; most recent update 20220513
Tripp     fantasy/sci-fi new addition 20220703; most recent update 20220516
Woodlands   MTh? fantasy  

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