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ongoing webcomics -- The A Team

recent link updates description status
Girl Genius * MWF gaslamp fantasy  
Mare Internum     sci-fi later completed; need to re-read
Ten Earth Shattering Blows   W fantasy back
Unsounded   MWF a brat and her zombie need to re-re-read
Wilde Life * MWF Pascalle Lepas' current comic  

ongoing webcomics -- The B Team

recent link updates description status
Castoff * F fantasy  
oglaf.com * Su X-rated; don't say I didn't warn you  
Questionable Content * x5 we're surly because you suck  
Stand Still, Stay Silent   MTuThF dystopia later completed; marker at end of first story (to reread?);
language matrix; cast page

ongoing webcomics -- Also Starring

recent link updates description status
Black and Blue * M sci-fi/noir  
Countdown to Countdown * W sci-fi  
Detox Camp * Th fantasy/mystery  
Lavendar Jack   Tu mystery later completed
Requiem: Silence   x5 alternative future with big bugs new series
Widdershins   TuF Victorian  
Wychwood * MTh fantasy on break until August

ongoing webcomics -- Bubbling Under

recent link updates description status
Awaken   MWF fantasy WOE
Finding Home     fantasy  
Godslave   MTh Egyptian fantasy  
Hilga From Below     fantasy  
Mindfold     fantasy added 20211207
Overflow     fictional (?) cyber-dystopia completed 20201006
Raruurien   MTh fantasy  
The Thief's Heir * M fantasy previous intermission had typos, including 036 and 038: cf.
3rd Voice     fantasy (Evan Dahm)
Trying Human * Tu fantasy/sci-fi  
Wonderlust   M fantasy/horror  

ongoing webcomics -- New Entries

recent link updates description status
Aloe     humorous sci-fi  
Atomic Robo     sci-fi  
Banquet   Su fantasy Anne Szalba's new comic
Brainchild     fantasy/horror  
Brynberry     horror  
The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya     fantasy later completed
Cold Sweat     don't know yet  
Come Hell or High Water     fantasy  
Cosmoknights     sci-fi  
Demon For Hire   Th horror by author of The Thief's Heir
Dimitra and the Silver Mask     don't know yet  
Eye For An Eye     horror  
Folklore     superhero  
Gumshoe City     detective  
Haxor   Tu sci-fi with infinite canvas  
Headless Bliss     fantasy/horror  
Intercosmic     fantasy  
Iron Crown     fantasy/adventure  
Kochab   TuF fantasy  
leveL     fantasy new addition 20231213; last update 20220711
Monster Lands     don't know yet  
Obelisk     horror  
Of conquests and consequences     fantasy  
Owl People     fantasy  
Woodlands   MTh? fantasy  

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