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webcomics that are completed

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The Architect * watch out for Ayn Rand completed
The Black Feather Falls * fantasy completed
The Bully's Bully * meta completed
Casey and Andy * murderous roommates completed
Concerned: The Half-Life (and death) of Gordon Frohman * most clueless player evAr completed
Crimson Dark * well-crafted space opera completed
Cyantian Chronicles (Darius' story) * furry completed
A Dance With Death * fantasy completed
Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell * humorous fantasy completed
Denizens! Attention! * fantasy now completed
Earthsong * fantasy completed. worth reading.
El Cuervo * noir concluded for now
Demonology 101 * demons in high school. well worth reading. completed
A Distant Faith * follow-up to Daemonology 101 completed
Dreamless * behind the wall of sleep completed. well worth reading.
Exotica Genoworks Saga * furry over for now
Face All Red * fantasy completed
Final Arcanum * fantasy concluded; see blog for more info
Freak Angels * future imperfect completed. very well worth reading.
Garanos * fantasy completed
Gemutations: Plague * anthropomorphic sharks completed
Genocide Man * post-apocalyptic completed
Goth Western * fantasy completed
The Hook * musicians at war completed (rereading)
Indavo * space opera completed
The Seraph Inn * such beautiful shading ... completed
LinT * Derf? completed
Locus * violent neo-Western. with ghouls. completed. site later reworked.
Merceneiress * sci-fi completed for now
A Miracle Of Science * Mad Scientists! Exploding Robots! completed. well worth reading.
Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life * but with robots and infinite canvas completed
Nuclear Winter * fantasy now completed
The Phoenix Requiem * successor to The Seraph Inn completed. worth reading.
Plume * fantasy completed
Praesidium * space horror completed. major downer. not recommended.
Ragni * sea epic completed
Random Ramblings * fantasy completed for now
Rock and Tin * fantasy completed
Roswell, Texas * alternate history completed
Schwarz Kreuz-black cross * vampires and blood. lots of blood. completed. well worth reading
Shivae/Cler's Story * furry predecessor to Caiden & Koel's arc; completed
Shivae/Vas' Arc * furry completed
Sin Titulo * violent, dark mystery completed
Snarlbear * fantasy completed February 2017
Space Trawler * humorous but talky sci-fi completed
Strange Someone * crime-solving werewolves completed
Tribes: The Dog Years * future dystopia end of teaser ...
Tripp * acid memories completed
Wooden Rose * Victorian horror/fantasy completed. well worth reading.
Zap! * amnesia in space now completed

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