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webcomics that appear to be on hiatus

recent link description last update last checked status
The Din * post-apocalyptic 20190617 20190811 on hiatus
The Ferrin * sci-fi 20190729 20190811 break until next chapter;
previous last page
The Lost Oracle * fantasy 20190728 20190811 hiatus comic (completed);
was every other week
My New Friend Is A Cat * fantasy 20190621 20190714 on hiatus;
was every other week on Sa
Terra Comic * sci-fi 20190703 20190811 on break until Sep 4;
irregular due to health issues

webcomics that are suspended and/or on long-term hiatus

recent link description last update last checked status
The Automan's Daughter * fantasy 20190125 20190811 last main story page;
on hiatus while looking for new artist
Hail Comic * fantasy/horror 201807 20190811 I go to pieces;
announced hiatus;
missing as of 20190811
Parydissia * fantasy 20181202 20190811 a few times a year
Space Junk Arlia * sci-fi 20190213 20190811 had said short break between chapters
Sunset Grill * sci-fi 20190709 20190811 long-term hiatus
Skyvein * fantasy 20190526 20190811 announced long-term hiatus
Tethered * dystopia 20190208 20190811 not updating
Title Unrelated * man who fell to earth 20190318 20190811 not updating; irregular due to health issues;
William The Last * fantasy 20190311 20190811 not updating

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