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webcomics that have moved

Accidental Centaurs   webcomic you don't want to know what they really look like ... original timeline;new preferred timeline
Akaelae * furry   site rearranged; was on official hiatus
The Becoming * city-state in peril   site rearranged
Cat and Girl   furry more absurdity old link
City Yarns (and others)   episodic Boogie Records and the Mystery Of Mr. Ra old link
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant     Victorian now preview-only
Dream Life     fantasy site rearranged
Drow Tales   webcomic fairly dark old link
The Gods Of Arr-Kelann   webcomic bizarre twist on Lost In Space? old link
The Greening Wars   furry dystopia    
The K Chronicles   syndicated a black man in a white world archives
Key   fantasy   site rearranged;
was on (permanent?) hiatus as of 20110827
League of Mad Scientists   webcomic Casey and Andy's female cousin new location; but note, no way to bookmark
The Mows   my cat makes me read it   site rearranged; no longer available
The Rainbow Orchid   webcomic classic 1920s adventure site rearranged; now preview-only
Raine Dog   webcomic slice of canine life was on official hiatus; site now rearranged; will have to re-read
Storm Corps   webcomic it's wierd but I like it; now abandoned (left here for reference) rereading from beginning (note: site rearranged)
Wayfarer's Moon * fantasy   on hiatus as of 20121010;
claimed to return as of 201405;
old link

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