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webcomics that I sometimes read

recent link comments status
Agents of the Realm   fantasy  
Alien Dice   not such a simple game after all MF
Alien Hand Syndrome   horror/fantasy/romance  
Aquapunk   fantasy  
Astral Aves   fantasy  
Backwoods Folk   rustic culture-shock  
Bear Nuts   it's ok to hate cuteness M
The Black Wall   future(?) dystopia  
Breaks   fantasy  
Carciphona   fantasy  
Check, Please!   slice-of-life  
Clockworks   steampunk  
The Chronicles of Crosarth   steampunk MW
Cura Te Ipsum   depressing fantasy  
Curia Regis   fantasy  
Dark Red Comics   photorealistic demons  
Dinosaur Comics   silly  
Dreamland Chronicles   fantasy  
Drow Tales   fantasy going to pick this one back up again
Exiern   quest parody  
Fallacy   fantasy  
The Glass Scientists   fantasy  
Knite   fantasy flash site
Lackadaisy   spirits in St. Louis  
Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether   Victorian  
Lintier   fantasy sequel to Lint
Monster Kind   fantasy  
The Mows   my cat makes me read it site rearranged; new updates as of 20170624
Nahast: Lands of Strife * fantasy  
Never Satisfied   fantasy  
Next Town Over   western  
Niebla * fantasy  
No Need For Bushido   samurai sendup  
No Rest For The Wicked (aka Icarus Falls)   fractured fairy tales  
Raedus   fantasy  
Reckstar   space opera  
reMIND -- a graphic novel   fantasy rereading
Scenes From A Multiverse * a stranger universe than even this one  
Seven Extraordinary Things   autobiographical completed
Star Power   sci-fi MWF
Supermassive Black Hole A*   sci-fi x5
Surviving The World   snarkiness x5
True Magic   humorous fantasy  
Unearth   sci-fi  
Velocidad   sci-fi  
Wormworld Saga   fantasy in infinite canvas  
xkcd   sometimes too obscure even for me  

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