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webcomics that I sometimes read

recent link updates last update last checked description status
Cut Time   F     fantasy  
Freefall         world's slowest-moving strip, but I like the main character  
Mara * Th 20220622 20220625 fantasy  
Selkie   MWF     very strange WOE
String         sci-fantasy/horror  

webcomics that I have not read in quite some time

recent link updates last update last checked description status
Alice and the Nightmare         fantasy  
Black Dram         fantasy/horror  
Black Rose     20190616 20210421 fantasy moved as of 2021
Blood Splattered Socks   MWF     sci-fi  
Chronicles of Oro         fantasy  
The Constellation Chronicle         sci-fi with infinite canvas  
The Demon Archives / Minerva   MTh     dystopia Demon Archives backstory
The End   TuF     lost aliens  
Follow The Leader         fantasy/horror  
Follower         sci-fi/horror  
HELM         fantasy  
Humanish         can't figure out  
The Nameless Stories         fantasy  
Niebla         fantasy stalled again?
Obscurato         fantasy  
Pibgorn         fantasy first
Realm of Owls         fantasy  
A Redtail's Dream         fantasy now completed
Scurry         fantasy ads kill browsers
Spiritbound         fantasy  
Sword Interval         fantasy new comic by Ben Fleuter; later completed
Taxipsychy         fantasy/horror  
Tistow         Victorian  
West Seven         horror  
The Woken         don't know yet infinite canvas

webcomics that I have not read in years

recent link updates last update last checked description status
Agents of the Realm         fantasy  
Alien Dice   MF     not such a simple game after all  
Alien Hand Syndrome         horror/fantasy/romance?  
Aquapunk         fantasy  
Astral Aves         fantasy  
Backwoods Folk         rustic culture-shock  
Bear Nuts   M     it's ok to hate cuteness  
The Black Wall         future(?) dystopia  
Breaks         fantasy  
Carciphona         fantasy  
Check, Please!         slice-of-life  
Clockworks         steampunk  
The Chronicles of Crosarth   MW     steampunk  
Cura Te Ipsum         depressing fantasy  
Curia Regis         fantasy site rearranged; last update apparently 20160905
Dark Red Comics         photorealistic demons  
Dinosaur Comics         silly  
Dreamland Chronicles         fantasy  
Drow Tales         fantasy going to pick this one back up again
Exiern         quest parody  
Fallacy         fantasy  
The Glass Scientists         fantasy  
Knite         fantasy flash site
Lackadaisy         spirits in St. Louis  
Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether         Victorian  
Ley Lines     20170327 20180908 fantasy WOE
Lintier         fantasy sequel to Lint
Monster Kind         fantasy  
The Mows         my cat makes me read it site rearranged; new updates as of 20170624
Never Satisfied         fantasy  
Next Town Over         western  
No Need For Bushido         samurai sendup  
No Rest For The Wicked (aka Icarus Falls)         fractured fairy tales  
Raedus         fantasy  
Reckstar         space opera  
reMIND -- a graphic novel         fantasy rereading
Scenes From A Multiverse         a stranger universe than even this one  
Seven Extraordinary Things         autobiographical completed
Star Power   MWF     sci-fi  
Supermassive Black Hole A*   x5     sci-fi  
Surviving The World   x5     snarkiness  
True Magic         humorous fantasy  
Unearth         sci-fi  
Velocidad         sci-fi  
Wormworld Saga         fantasy in infinite canvas  
xkcd         sometimes too obscure even for me  

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