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webcomics that I used to read

recent link comments status
20 Galaxies   adventure  
Able and Baker   test subjects in space  
The Androssian Prophecy   fantasy  
Area 337   UFOs later completed
The B-Movie Comic   movie parody  
Barflys * drunken yucks abandoned in 2014
Better Days   twins with moral problems apparently completed 2009
Between Places   fantasy hiatus since 2013
Building 12   from the creator of Misfile later completed
Butternutsquash * Hispanic slackers last story update 20100506
Cat Legend   fantasy  
Chisuji * what if anime became real later updates after relaunch
Daedalus Blue   sci-fi clobberin'  
Daughter of the Lilies   Christian fantasy  
Dr. McNinja   uncategorizable  
Dr. Magnifico   fantasy Steve Ogden's new strip
site rearranged
El Goonish Shive   gender-fender-bender  
Elemental Eyes   fantasy more updates as of 20140529;
no longer readable on laptop
Elements of Light * fantasy no updates since mid-2017
Emerald Winter   exiled elf site rearranged yet again
Escape From Terra   libertarian sci-fi  
Evil Diva   angels and demons unfortunately, jumped the shark in 2011
Faux Pas   say it "fox paws" (G-rated)  
Foxden: Fey Winds   foxy lady and her band of friends would need to re-read
Greystone Inn   fun with gargoyles later completed
Gunnerkrigg Court   school daze  
Hard Graft   gritty adventure appears to be back as of 20130204;
acts up on browsers
Heart Of Millyera   Victorian rare to update; new updates as of 2021, though
Inside Phobia   fantasy/horror last update 20181015
Her!   girl vs. pig  
Hopscotch   love in sepia tones apparently completed
Jennifer Draws Comics   slice of life  
Jenny Everywhere's Infinite: Quark Time   fantasy on hiatus due to health issues
Johnny Saturn   superheroes deconstructed  
Jonny Crossbones   30's stylin' site rearranged
Jupiter Palladium   superheroes  
Kinnari   Indian fantasy site completely reworked; old link
Knights Errant   gay blades  
Kranburn   post-apocalyptic  
Machine Flower   fantasy last update 20120601
Marilith   badass girl detectives last update 2009
MegaTokyo   so get the kid laid, already!  
Memories of Amisi * fantasy last update 20211101; never really got started
Metacarpolis   magical girl/dystopia  
Misfile   stoned angels and gender-bending  
The Noob * playa killa hatas  
Off World: The Crease   sci-fi MTh
OK/Cancel   interface your fears  
One Way   sci-fi site rearranged
Paradigm Shift (possibly abandoned)   cops in Chicago old link
Parallax * fantasy abandoned 20150513; had claimed to resume soon
Partially Clips   the secret life of ClipArt  
The Pet Professional   strange pets and murder apparently abandoned around 2007
Radioactive Panda   mad science in purple and greens later completed
Rudy Park   syndicated nerd humor  
Samurai's Blood   feudal  
Shockwave Darkside * sci-fi kills browser as of 20120815
Sorcery 101   magic and relationships site rearranged
SpaMusement   working for a fairer world ... now abandoned
Spare Keys   fantasy  
Spine * violent tech fantasy site rearranged; winding down
Subhuman Sanctum   horror new pages 2018 but feh;
had claimed short hiatus
3 Minute Max   action  
Toilet Genie   very odd ...  
Turbo Defiant   don't know yet  
Twilight Lady   dystopia with zombies completely confusing
Two Lumps   my cat makes me read it  
User Friendly   syndicated nerd humor main site
Van Von Hunter   hunter of evil ... stuff.  
Vexxarr   bad alien, no cookie  
Vine   horror new pages 2018 but feh;
had claimed short hiatus
Wake The Sleepers * fantasy apparently abandoned 20140509
Wayfar * dystopia irregular
Wayward Sons: Legends * Olympic misfunction  
The Wotch   harmless, but has redheads appears to have mostly ended in 2009
You Damn Kid   growing up Catholic seem to be some more as of 20100904, but last update 2009
Zortic   losers in space site rearranged, relaunched

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