Mark's Guide to Austin Music Venues, part two

This page focuses on places that have live music as a sideline, such as restaurants. The previous page lists places that have live music as their primary focus.


Another funky old Austin building, their mission is to serve Tex-Mex food along with live music. The cost of the music is covered in your meal. Yodelin' Donnie Walser has a regular gig here which is well worth catching, but if you can get to see Sheri Frushay here you ought to do so. There's smoking but not too bad; you generally won't need your earplugs. The service can be as laid-back as the environment, so don't show up if you're in a hurry.

here's a quick list of some other personal favorites:

Green Mesquite, Ruta Maya, Artz, Waterloo Brewing Company, Waterloo Ice House ...

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