Mark's Guide to Austin Music (and beyond)

In these pages I'd like to climb on my soapbox about live music. In particular, since I moved back to Austin, Texas, I've been hanging around the Austin music scene and have a lot of thoughts about it. In particular I'd like to dispel some of the myths about it so that more people will be encouraged to check it out. Of course there are some things I rant about, as well. If any of the above makes you curious enough to go check things out in person, here's a list of my favorite clubs.

So what type of of music am I talking about here? Although I like music from a lot of different genres , I generally listen to a lot of different Texas artists. Most often, I listen to something that some folks call Americana. That page leads into a discussion of why our musical tastes often get stuck in our teens or twenties, and what we can do about it. Finally, I talk about my own background to give you a rationale to believe that there's any reason why you should read any of these opinions in the first place.

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